About us

We develop new internet ventures from zero to something — or help you to do so. Our focus is on cloud software that optimizes corporate or industry processes in original ways. In this, we typically apply a highly scalable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

What’s in the name: blue media labs? We use a blue ocean strategy-like approach to originate process optimizations, focus specifically on internet media, and actually realize these optimizations in a practical solution, in true lab fashion.

Real Estate Software

For the past years, we have helped property development companies in their digitization and gained a deep understanding of the challenges of the real estate industry in general. Currently, we translate these insights into IT solutions that offer immediate benefits to our clients while minimizing overhead to install, customize, learn and use our software.

We do so under our umbrella brand Blitz Financial. blitz|AR is one of the ventures that have come out of these efforts. blitzAR is short for blitz Abschlagsrechnungen, Abschlagsrechnungen (partial invoices/invoices on account) and their handling being a major pain point in property development.

This is not to say that we aren’t doing other things on the side. Recently, we have also worked in logistics solutions and mobile apps 1, 2, based on patent-pending technology.


Our corporate head quarters are in Hannover, the capital city of Germany’s Lower Saxony region. However, most of our team is based in Hamburg at present. We are particularly happy to meet you in Hamburg, Hannover, or Berlin. But, drop us a note, and we will find a way to chat in any case.