HEROTIME Smart Stopwatch

One team. One coach. One button. All the times. HEROTIME Smart Stopwatch is the connected sports multi stopwatch app for elite timekeepers that lets you effortlessly take, share, analyze and export times for multiple athletes even in complex start scenarios. As a coach, teacher or athlete, Herotime is the last replacement of your collection of traditional handheld stopwatches that you will ever need. Forget about paper notes, focus on the work you enjoy!

syms.me Crowd Speed Dating

syms.me lets event organizers easily offer innovative events for singles, winning them new, affluent customers and additional revenues. syms.me helps singles break the ice, get in touch with new people instantly, and find out whether their interest is mutual. This lets them meet the partner of their dreams in a safe yet more exciting way than any existing dating service today. For indoor and outdoor events of any scale (not just the dozen of participants in typical speed dating events) with no setup pain for organizers or participants.

Startup Coaching

We spread entrepreneurship by helping students, recent graduates, and anyone interested make something happen on their own. Why? Because we have learned many aspects of founding a startup the hard way at a time where entrepreneurship in Germany was not a widely taught subject and support was hard to come by.

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